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  • Viega Eco Plus urinal carriers, Models 8164.5US
  • Viega Eco Plus sink carriers, Models 8164US
  • Viega Eco Plus WC carriers, Models 8180US and 8108.1US

    Viega flushing system carriers conceal the tank and internal components of a wall hung water closet for a clean, modern look and more foor space. The carrier transfers the weight of a toilet bowl to the wall studs and moves the drain inside of the wall. Elevating the toilet off the foor allows for a cleaner looking installation and a more hygenic space.

    All internal components, including fush valve, fill valve, and shutoff valve are accessible behind the flush plate for ease of maintenance.

    German engineered fill valves are designed to handle the most aggressive water, making Viega Eco Plus WC carriers ideal for graywater, rainwater, and other water re-use systems.

    Multiple award winning flush plates are available in a variety of finishes and materials.