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  • Megapress_Group-Image

    Viega MegaPress is a carbon steel press system and can be utilized to make secure, efficient connections with Schedule 5 to Schedule 40 black iron pipe. Viega MegaPress fittings for black iron pipe reduce installation time and eliminate messy cutting oils in heating, cooling, compressed air and fire protection systems.

  • MegapressG_Group-Image

    Viega MegaPressG is the first carbon steel press system for gas and can be utilized with Schedule 10 to Schedule 40 black iron pipe. With the same ease of installation as MegaPress and a HNBR sealing element specifically designed for use with hydrocarbons, Viega MegaPressG fittings for black iron pipe reduce installation time on fuel, oil and gas systems while eliminating messy cutting oils.

  • Megapress_Group-Image

    Press schedule 5 to schedule 40 off the shelf IPS stainless steel pipe with MegaPress Stainless 304. Install twice as many fittings in the same amount of time, compared to a welded system, keeping projects on time and shut downs short. Viega MegaPress Stainless 304 systems stand up to harsh environments while transporting process water, diesel fuel, low pressure steam or a number of other fluids

  • Megapress_Group-Image

    MegaPress 316 stainless steel IPS press fittings are an efficient solution for a wide variety of applications, including potable water, distilled water, ammonia and many other harsh fluids. Making connections in 316 stainless steel schedule 5 to schedule 40 pipe has never been faster or easier.

  • MegaPress--Copper-Nickel

    Viega offers the Viega MegaPress CuNi 90/10 IPS system for marine and industrial pipe joining applications. The Viega MegaPress CuNi system, in copper-nickel alloy, is approved for installation in a variety of applications from cooling water to fuel to fire sprinkler. Viega MegaPress CuNi is specifically designed to stand up to the harsh environments of the sea. It is the only iron pipe size (IPS) copper-nickel press fitting with a double-press connection, making it the strongest press connection on the market.

  • MegaPress XL

    Viega MegaPress XL is the first and only clean, secure and efficient choice for joining 2½" through 4" black iron pipe. Meticulously engineered, it is suitable for renovations, repairs or installation of new black iron pipe systems. Viega MegaPress XL can even be installed on noncombustible/flammable lines that are not completely shut down, eliminating the need to fully drain a system, and shortening repair and installation time. It is approved for use in hydronic heating, compressed air, fire protection and cooling water applications.

  • ProPress

    Pressing pipe connections saves time and labor compared to traditional soldering, and Viega ProPress offers more applications and certifications than any imitation press system. From potable water to fire protection to hydronic heating, Viega’s patented Smart Connect technology helps installers easily identify un-pressed connections during installation and testing, providing peace of mind on every job.

  • PEX Press

    Viega PureFlow plumbing systems are the most complete potable water systems available on the North American market. With PEX tubing, fittings and distribution manifolds, Viega provides everything you need for a total plumbing system that is not only easy to install but also helps homeowners reduce energy costs and water waste.

  • Viega ManaBloc distribution manifold Smart Connect feature, Zero Lead

    Similar to an electric panel for your potable plumbing, color coded, integrated shut-off valves provide positive isolation to every fixture. The design also allows for lower pressure loss and quicker hot water delivery. Every unit is leak tested on the factory floor to ensure reliable and high quality finished goods.

  • Steel Manifold with Shutoff, Balancing, and Flow Meters

    Radiant heating and cooling systems have been around since 10,000 B.C., but Viega has made them more efficient, reliable and easier to install than ever. Viega offers a full line of tubing, panels, controls, manifolds and mixing options engineered to work together. Radiant heating and cooling systems can reduce energy costs by up to 30%, and our hands-on design team can provide you with a complete design and bill of materials, allowing you to rest easy knowing that you'll have everything you need for a properly functioning system.

  • Viega Eco Plus WC carriers, Models 8180US and 8108.1US

    The next evolution of toilet systems is here, with Viega In-Wall Flushing Technology. Choose from several flush plate designs and two sizes of wall carriers to create the ultimate designer bathroom that is beautiful, functional and spacious. Flush plates are available in manual and touch-free styles. Carriers can be set for almost any bowl height, including ADA standards. Placing the tank in the wall frees up space in the bathroom and makes cleaning easier too. Whether in a residential bathroom or a public restroom setting, Viega’s In-Wall Flushing Technology provides a solution.